Correcta-Werke GmbH

In 1947 a small trading company was founded in Bad Wildungen, specializing in the vulcanization of tires. Later it switched to the production of rubber balls and balloons. Originating from this company Korrekta was founded in 1950, with its name deriving from the objects it produced: Körper-Korrektur-Artikel (articles for body correction), also known as foam rubber shoulder pads. The company used the abandoned buildings of Henschel Flugmotorenbau in Wega for its production. In 1952 the AG für Industriebeteiligungen took over the company Korrekta, which from there on operated it under the name Correcta-Werke GmbH. After a fire in 1963, the plants were rebuilt at four different locations: the Ylopan plant in Odershausen, the Correcta plant on Biedensteg, the administration in Bad Wildungen and Correcta-Werke GmbH in Wega.