Werklehrer-Seminar Berlin

The state-recognized Städtisches Werklehrer-Seminar was a division of the Diesterweg-Hochschule in Berlin. It emerged from the municipal courses for the training of teachers for the study of materials and techniques and was established in May 1924. R. Frenckel took over the position as director. Only teachers from Berlin who were on leave from their lessons for their training were accepted. Subjects were woodwork, paperwork and bookbinding, metalwork, artistic needlework, writing, sketching, decorative and sculptural design, work pedagogy and the theory of materials. The technical courses should be led by masters with artistic talent and pedagogical aptitude.

Passing the examination enabled the graduates to give manual training lessons in primary, secondary and higher schools. In 1928, the Werklehrer-Seminar did not yet have its own building and was spread over four widely spaced locations. Later they were given premises at Jägerstraße 33. Presumably in 1929 Hans Wilhelm Michel was appointed as director, who engaged Arnold Bode as head of the primary course. Both were dismissed in 1933.