Karl Oskar Blase
curator, painter, sculptor, professor, graphic designer, designer
24.03.1925 Cologne
27.12.2016 Kassel

From 1945 to 1949 study of graphics and painting at the Werkkunstschule Wuppertal under Hans Schreiber, after that assistant in the studio Jupp Ernst. In 1950 foundation of the studio „müller-blase“ together with Felix Müller. From 1952 to 1958 leader of the studio for graphics and exhibitions of the ‘America houses’ in the FRG. From 1952 member of the Deutscher Werkbund. From 1958 to 1966 lecturer of the Staatliche Werkkunstschule Kassel, after that professor of visual communication at the Staatliche Hochschule für bildende Künste, Kassel.

Since 1964 member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. From 1955 to 1988 designer of stamps for the German Federal Post, since 1988 member and since 1992 chairman of the art advisory board to the Federal Minister of Post and Telecommunications. Graphic designer for magazines, posters and books. In 1967 member of the design team for the German pavilion at the EXPO in Montreal. From 1966 to 1978 poster design for the Atlas film distributors. From 1966 to 1978 design of the visual appearance for the Staatstheater Kassel. Numerous prizes and awards.

Organisation and participation in the department “graphics” at documenta 3 of the Staatliche Werkkunstschule; graphic design for documenta 4, 5, 6 und 8; video documentaries for documenta 5 und 6.