Jupp Ernst
graphic designer, designer, architect, editor, publisher
20.12.1905 Paderborn
24.10.1987 Langerwebe

From 1926 to 1929 study of graphics at the Handwerker- und Kunstgewerbeschule Bielefeld with Gertrud Kleinhempel and Georg Trump. In 1928 trip to the Bauhaus in Dessau and attendance of some courses, including, among others, with Joost Schmidt. Until 1940 occupation as a freelance graphic artist. In 1940 entry into military service in Warsaw and occupation as an artist for propaganda purposes.

In 1945 return to Bielefeld and continuation of his work as a freelance graphic artist. In 1948 appointment as director of the Werkkunstschule Wuppertal and foundation of the institute „Industrial Design“ with Professor Leowald. Postulation of industrial design and design of the mass media as main areas of contemporary environmental design. In 1949 participation in the first Werkbundausstellung after the war, co-founder of the „Rat für Formgebung“. From 1951 on board member of the Deutscher Werkbund. In 1951 foundation of the Werkbund magazine „werk und zeit“.

At the end of 1954 appointment as director of the Staatliche Werkkunstschule Kassel. In 1957 foundation of the magazine „form“ with Wilhelm Sandberg and Wilhelm Wagenfeld. 1967 editor and publisher of the „form“. 1969 member of the jury of the Bundespreis „Gute Form“. Freelancer at Melitta, Resopal, Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau and Tapeten Rasch. In 1962 creation of the best-known design for the Afri-Cola bottle.

1963 membership in the documenta-Rat and responsibility for “Working Committee for Industrial Design and Graphics” of documenta 3.