Walter Gropius
architect, designer, professor
18.05.1883 Berlin
05.07.1969 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1903-1908 study of architecture in Berlin und München, without graduation. 1907 joined the architectural office of Peter Behrens and member of the Deutscher Werkbund. From 1910 freelance designer for interiors, wallpapers, furniture and industrial objects: amongst others with Adolf Meier design for the factory building of the Schuhleisten- und Stanzmesserfabrik „Fagus-Werke“ in 1911 and model factory for the Werkbundausstellung in Cologne in 1914.

After military service in the First World War he joined the Novembergruppe in 1918, there contact to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Until 1919 head of the Arbeitsrat für Kunst. In 1919 appointment to the Großherzoglich-Sächsische Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Weimar as the successor and at the suggestion of Henry van de Velde. Renaming of the college into „Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar“ until 1928 under his leadership, development of the teaching scheme with preliminary course. In 1923 exhibition „Kunst und Technik – eine neue Einheit“.

In 1925 resettlement of the Bauhaus in Weimar to Dessau. In 1926 design of a new building for the Bauhaus in Dessau and designs for the settlement Dessau-Törten (1926-1931) or the Siemens city Berlin (1929-1930).

After the forced closure of the Bauhaus in Berlin initially emigration to England in 1933, then to Cambridge in the USA in 1937, there professor for architecture at the „Graduate School of Design“ in Harvard. 1938-1941 independent architectural office together with Marcel Breuer. In 1946 foundation of the architectural association „The Architects Collaborative, Inc.“ 1964/65 design for the Bauhaus-Archiv für Darmstadt which has been realized in Berlin from 1976 to 1979.