Johannes Itten
painter, art teacher, art theorist, teacher
11.11.1888 Süderenlinden, Switzerland
25.03.1967 Zurich, Switzerland

1904 - 1908 attendance of the Lehrerseminar Hofwil in Bern. After a short period as a school teacher from 1909 - 1910 study at the Kunsthochschule in Geneva. 1910 - 1912 apprenticeship as a secondary teacher in physics, mathematics and chemistry in Bern, in the Winter term 1912/1913 further study at the Kunsthochschule in Geneva, among others course with Eugène Gilliard. 1913 - 1916 stay in Stuttgart, there pupil of Adolf Hölzel at the Stuttgarter Akademie and contacts to Ida Kerkovius, Oskar Schlemmer, Willi Baumeister and Hermann Stenner. 1916 move to Vienna and foundation of his own art school.

1919 appointment to the Bauhaus in Weimar by Walter Gropius, there 1919 - 1923 form master of several workshops, development of the preliminary course together with Gertrud Grunow and temporarily also lecturer for mural and glass painting. In addition to teaching at the Bauhaus in Weimar, study on the effect of colors and form.

1933 retirement from the Bauhaus in Weimar and entry into the Mazdaznan Tempel Gemeinschaft in Herrliberg near Zurich. There foundation of the " Ontos-Kunstschule“ für Naturstudium, Komposition, Form- und Farblehre und Graphik as well as the „Ontos-Werkstätten“ für Handweberei, Smyrna-Teppichknüpferei und Gobelins. 1926 - 1934 head of his own school in Berlin, where Max Debus, Fred Forbát, Friedrich Köhn, Georg Muche, Julius Pap and the photographer Umbo were teachers.

1932 - 1937 head of the Höhere Fachschule für Textile Flächenkunst in Krefeld, guest lecturer at the Kunstgewerbeschule Stettin and, together with Gregor Rosenbauer, initiator of the artists' group "Das Neue Pommern" (The New Pomerania) existing from 1930 - 1933. 1934 closure of his Berlin school by the National Socialists, 1937 dismissal in Krefeld. After a brief exile in the Netherlands, director of the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich in 1938. Since 1943 head of the textile school in Zurich and 1952 - 1956 head of the Museum Rietberg.