Gerhard Marcks
sculptor, graphic designer, painter
18.02.1889 Berlin

Since 1907 autodidactic occupation with sculpture, first instructions by the artists August Gaul and Georg Kolbe. 1908 - 1912 joint studio with the sculptor Richard Scheibe in Berlin. 1914 two stone reliefs for the Deutsche Werkbundausstellung in Köln, designed by Walter Gropius. After military service, work for the Märkische Kunstwerkstätten Vordamm der Steingutfabriken Velten-Vordamm and collaboration with the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen in 1917/1918. At the end of 1918 appointment as teacher of the sculpture class at the Staatliche Kunstgewerbeschule Berlin through the initiative of Bruno Paul.

1919 artistic director (master of form) of the ceramic workshop at the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar. Set up of a workshop with master potter Max Krehan and set up his own studio in Dornburg an der Saale. 1924 appointment as head of the sculpture class by the architect Paul Thiersch at the Werkstätten der Stadt Halle - Kunstgewerbeschule Burg Giebichenstein, there 1928 - 1933 deputy director. 1926 participation in the Internationale Kunstausstellung Dresden, 1930 prize of the Deutscher Künstlerbund in Stuttgart. 1927 participation in the department of the "Deutsche Kunst der Gegenwart" at the "Jubiläums Kunstausstellung Kassel 1927 - 150 Jahre Kasseler Kunstakademie" and in 1929 at the invitation of Arnold Bode at the "Vierte große Kunstausstellung Kassel 1929 - Neue Kunst in der Orangerie".

1933 dismissed from university service by the National Socialists. 1935 half-year scholarship from Villa Massimo. 1937 declaration of his art as "degenerate". 1939 construction of his own studio house in Berlin. After the end of the war, appointment as professor at the Kunsthochschule in Hamburg through Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann. In 1946 professor at the Landeskunstschule in Hamburg. 1950 retirement from teaching and work as a freelance sculptor in Cologne. 1955 art prize of the City of Berlin, 1969 honorary member of the Freie Akademie der Künste Hamburg, 1969 founding of the Gerhard Marcks Foundation in Bremen.

Participation in the first documenta, documenta 2 and documenta 3.