Karl Buchholz
bookseller, art dealer
26.08.1901 Göttingen
06.01.1992 Bogotá, Colombia

Apprenticeship as bookseller in a book and art dealership in Frankfurt an der Oder, subsequently first employment in Berlin. There in 1925 independence with a bookshop, followed by three branches. In 1934 opening of the bookshop in the Leipziger Straße in Berlin with an attached gallery for contemporary art.

From 1938 “utilisation” of confiscated art works and on behalf of the NS regime their sale abroad of the “Reichsgebiet”, among others to Norway, Switzerland and the United States. In 1942 exclusion of the “Reichskammer der bildenden Künste“ as a consequence of an exhibition of German expressionists in New York. In 1943 opening of a branch of his bookstore and gallery in Lissabon.

After the end of war emigration to Columbia. There in 1951 opening of the bookstore and gallery „Librería Buchholz“. In 1960 publisher of the literary magazine „Eco. Revista de la cultura de Occidente“.