Otto Klemperer
conductor, composer
14.05.1885 Breslau
06.07.1973 Zurich, Switzerland

1901 study at the Hochsches Konservatorium in Frankfurt with James Kwast (piano) and Iwan Knorr (theory). 1902 study and work at the Klindworth-Scharwenka Konservatorium in Berlin with Philipp Scharwenka and Wilhelm Berger. 1905 completion of study at the Sternsches Konservatorium. 1907 director of music in Barmen and 1914-1917 in Strasbourg. 1917-1924 general music director of the Kölner Oper and then in the same position at the opera in Wiesbaden until 1927. Guest performances in Russia and America.

From 1927 musical director of the Krolloper in Berlin, where he supported contemporary composers such as Paul Hindemith, Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schönberg. 1929-1933 director of the philharmonic choir and occupation at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

1933 awarded the Goethe medal and emigration to the USA following the anti-semitic decree of the NS regime. 1933-1939 conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Los Angeles and involvement in the reorganization of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Numerous guest appearances in South America, Russia and Europe. 1947 return to Europe. From then until 1950 director of the opera in Budapest, new rise as concert conductor. From 1959 chief conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and from 1964 at the New York Philharmonic.