Lauritz Lauritzen
politician, mayor, secretary
22.01.1910 Kiel
05.06.1980 Bad Honnef

From 1929 study of law and political science at the universities of Freiburg and Kiel. 1929 joined the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD). 1930-1932 chairman of the socialist student group at the University of Kiel. 1936 doctor of law at the University of Kiel. 1937-1945 legal counsel in Berlin and head of the Reichs chemistry department in Berlin. 1945-1946 advisor at the Berlin city council, then at the Rendsburg district office. Head of the presidential office at the chief president of the province of Schleswig-Holstein.

1946-1951 state director in the Ministry of the Interior of the county of Schleswig-Holstein. 1951 councilor of the ministry. 1953 assistant secretary in the Ministry of Interior of Lower Saxony and member of the Society for Western Art of the 20th Century. 1954-1963 Lord Mayor of the city of Kassel.

1955-1963 member of the district executive of the SPD Hesse-North. 1963-1966 Hessian Minister of Justice and for Federal Affairs. At the same time member of the federal council. 1964 member of the documenta council of documenta 3. 1964-1966 Hessian Minister of Justice and for Federal Affairs. 1966-1972 Federal Minister of Urban Development and Housing, also member of the Hessian county council. 1969-1971 member of the state executive of the SPD Schleswig-Holstein. 1969-1980 member of the German federal council. 1972 Federal Minister of Transport (-1974), Post and Telecommunications, Urban Development and Housing.