Pablo Picasso
sculptor, graphic designer, painter, stage designer, artist
25.10.1881 Málaga, Spain
08.04.1973 Mougins, France

1896 attendance of the art academy in Barcelona. 1897 study at the Academia San Fernando in Madrid. 1901 co-publisher of the magazine "Arte Joven" (Young Art). 1904 moved to Paris, shaped the art movement of Cubism together with George Braques. 1917 drawings for the stage design and costumes of the premiere of the ballet "Parade" in Paris. 1928/29 first wire sculptures and iron sculptures. 1936 director of the Prado Museum in Madrid.

1937 production of the painting "Guernica" and later the mural paintings "War" and "Peace", with which he championed for peace. 1941 joins the French communist party. From 1945 chairman of the Franco-Spanish Aid Committee for Spanish republicans. 1945 production of lithographs and, from 1947 of ceramics.

1948 awarded the "Médaille de Reconnaissance Française". 1962-1965 production of concrete sculptures. 1963 opening of the Museo Picasso in Barcelona, later a large part of the estate became part of its collection.