room 14

In room 14 of the first documenta, on the ground floor of the Fridericianum, sculptures by Hans Uhlmann, Marino Marini and a painting by Theo van Doesburg, as well as sculptures by Bauhaus student Max Bill and Bauhaus master Josef Albers were exhibited. The focus was set on Max Bill's sculpture "Konstruktion" (1937), which was presented on a large black pedestal, not far from the window front. The installation of plastic curtains by the göppinger plastics in front of the high windows illuminates the room in a soft light. On these curtains Alber's flashed glass "Fenster" (1929) and Doesburg's painting "Rhythmus eines russischen Tanzes" (1918) are installed in a seemingly floating way. Bode and his team combined the works of the Bauhaus artists with works by De Stijl, which were created at the same time, but also with sculptures from the post-war period.