room 27

The "große Malereisaal" (big painting hall) of the first documenta on the second floor in the west wing of the Fridericianum (room 27) measured around 50 metres. Black beam constructions, filled with Heraklith plates, provided the frame for the hanging. Paintings by the artists Picasso, Vasarely, Capogrossi, Nay and Braque, among others, were mounted on these. Under the beam, indirect lighting was the only light source in the room. At the front side of the room, the black beams were used to hang the wall painting "Komposition vor Blau und Gelb" (1954) by the Bauhaus student Fritz Winter. Behind it, hanging from the ceiling, the bright plastic curtains of göppinger plastics created the impression that even this monumental work floats in front of the windows.