room 7

Three tall black pedestals become the eye-catcher of this exhibition view of the ground floor in the Fridericianum. Two of them lined the entrance from room 7 to room 8. On the left pedestal the curators placed the work "Negertrompeter" (1950) by Bauhaus master Gerhard Marcks, and on the right the sculpture "Portrait of the Poet Gottfried Benn" (1927). In addition to this, another special feature of the exhibition design attracts attention: At the first documenta, some walls were covered with Heraklith panels. These panels were, along with the curtains of the göppinger plastics, a main element of the scenographic design of the exhibition. In contrast to the barely lit sculptures in room 7, the bronze sculpture "Reiter" (1936) by Hermann Blumenthal appeared in bright daylight due to its positioning in front of the floor-length windows.